RFID Scanner Fork Lift Holster

Industrial design for increased industrial productivity

IDEIA.M was approached by SONAE Distribution Center with the necessity to improve the user experience of handheld computer scanners in their logistics center.  The challenge was to solve the need felt for an appropriate place to put the scanner while it was not in use and when workers needed to handle boxes or the forklift.

This project briefing highlighted the importance of a useful, strong, hygienic and food compliant product that would speed up the work flow while improving safety.

The IDEIA.M design team also noticed that the forklifts fleet is constantly changing so the holster fixing system should be adaptable to different pole sizes and shapes. Designers adopted the traditional bike seat post fast fit to this device, offering a standard, easy to get and reliable solution. 

An additional need, that came up as an useful add-on was the paper clip. During the watching session, our team identified some makeshift custom solutions to hold service sheets and documents in the same pole. It was clear that the holster device should include this feature.

The final product is made of different materials, each one with its own purpose. The interior is made out of moulded expanded polypropylene (EPP) for a soft touch and protection of the scanning device. EPP is an eco-friendly material and food compliant.
The outer shell is made of stainless steel to ensure the protection to unexpected accidents.

The solution IDEIA.M came up with increased productivity, reduced damages and losses and improved the overall experience and workers' satisfaction.