Performance and protection

Transport and mobility

Polisport aimed to widen its line of bike protections with the new Clutch Cover Protectors, developed with IDEIA.M for an exclusive design. This clutch cover protector excel in rocky terrains and protect the bike's clutch covers from impacts and scratches, to preserve the part and to improve durability of the bike by keeping the aluminum clutch cover untouched.

Polisport Group is an international company founded in northern Portugal, in the 80´s. Nowadays, the group employs 250 people and works with the most important companies from both sectors of activity - bicycle and motorbike. The Polisport Group brands are spread across 70 countries worldwide.

The main focus is the user, so the relation biker-bike was always the main priority.

The challenge was to design a protective part for clutch covers of the 5 main motorbike brands, KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki, to fit several different models of each brand. They should follow a homogeneous style and should consider the main color of each OEM.


The compromise between low phisical impact and protection to a vital part of the bike was our main goal. Ergonomics and confort should also be concerns, since we would be adding volume to the bike. Without ever forgeting the importance of a appealing style.

"Our main inspirations came from sports, animal shells, motorbikes, and even the soil that cracks under the pressure of the rubber. But the main driver was the sportsman and his style"  (Emanuel Dias, designer)

When working on different bike models, it is almost certain we'll get different fixing points configurations for each other. However, the parts should be as similar as possible. Gathering information relatively to the morphology of the bikes allow us to be well-succeded and to have all contact points well located. The master styling lines of the cover are uniform from bike to bike, so when the bike is naturally with the wheel in the ground, brand logo and part lines are aligned in a coherent way.

Each trace in the paper has its own identity. They separate from each other, and each drawing leads us to a new world. It is only because of this that we are able to present and create new products both equal or different wether you approach from experience or from the aesthetics points of view.

We came up with a unique part respecting Polisport brand image. This clutch cover protection dresses the bike in a way that does not affect the overall style of the bike. At the same time, it disconnects from it and shows up itself with a unique and recognizable identity as a valuable add-on, living up to current trends and standing out for its simple and sporty lines.