Future of healthcare

Health monitoring wearables

Promoting an independent and active ageing 

KeepSafe is a low-cost and non-invasive wristband for daily use, continuously monitoring heart rate and alerting a caregiver in case of an emergency.

User experience for seniors

A wristband device is both a common and a challenging device. Although similar to a wristwatch, the challenge was to design a wristband device to be simple to use, with minimal interaction required, but with the major wish of saving lives.
When Increase Time came up with the draft of the functionality, the keywords were promptly identified: it should be light, friendly, discrete, easy to use and effective. 

Light, friendly, discrete, easy to use and effective

The operation method simplifies its use since it will mainly be used by seniors: it relies on a single, large button and 3 LED lights for visual feedback. One tap enables a visual representation of the current heart rate whilst a long press will sequentially turn on the LED lights until all 3 are lit and an emergency alert is placed. 


To achieve a perfect fit to the wrist and to the individual, IDEIA.M paid particular attention to two main reasons for the perfect user experience. On the one hand to push the limits to downsize the initial volume of the hardware (mainly electronics and battery). On the other hand, to reduce visual clutter and to simplify operation, turning the whole face of the device into a button with LED lights hidden beneath a layer of translucent material.