Future of healthcare

Monitoring with wearables

Increase Time develops health care solutions based on ICT and wireless sensors networks for the domestic market or care homes with special focus on patients with chronic diseases and the elderly. IDEIA.M collaborates with them on several projects on a mission to improve the quality of life of the general population

From scratch to shirt

Since the beginning user experience, styling and manufacturing processes were key-factors for the project. The styling team approached different concepts under a common design language based on comfort, subtleness and ease-of-use. From the manufacturing point-of-view, technical issues regarding the production process were safeguarded to eliminate any problems between design and manufacturing phases. 
Alongside the client, functional 3D printed prototypes 
were assembled with the integrated circuit for feasibility validation and functional testing.

To improve all the capabilities, functionality and usability, overall dimensions and hardware architecture of the unit were designed to achieve the most compact and ergonomic device.
To allow for greater comfort the sensor is coupled with a t-shirt that uses smart fabrics to take measurements.

The final design proposal has the main operational button recessed into the face of the device and the LED lights are hidden beneath behind a layer of translucent material, so that they are only visible while in operation.
K-shirt is an example of how our own clothes are helping us, monitoring our health and improving our lives.