Del huerto al prato

Health and social impact

"Del Huerto al Plato" focuses on health, nutrition, eating habits and their social-economic implications. This project was developed with the collaboration of Natalia Fernández Garcia, a young spanish designer.

How to raise children awareness for the importance of a good nutrition?
How to introduce vegetables in their daily diet? 
 As the questions arised, the answer was to find a way to promote a nice and close experience between children and vegetables and, at the same time, to build it up in the familiar context, once parents have the main responsibility for their kids habits. 
 The result was a combination of home-farming and a picnic set, offering a complete experience from planting seeds to the preparation of the meal, from the family interaction to an outdoork picnic. As well as environment-friendly this project aims to gamify the process of growing your own food indoors.

Also, the set includes the seeds, flexible pots with soil, a cloth to hang the pots and a bag that transforms itself into the tablecloth of picnic towel, with the respective cutlery, so the product itself can be used to hang the product while it grows, to transport the meal and, finally, taste it wherever you want.
 This project was developed within the scope of Natalia Garcia's intership here at IDEIA.M in collaboration with E/S/D Madrid (Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid) and ESAD Matosinhos (Escola Superior de Arte e Design), who consulted and supported on Natalia's careful and extensive research.

"Is very important for children to develop
healthy food habits in the family context"