Douro Creative Studio

Exploration lab for styling and materials

Douro Creative Studio is our internal style lab where our team has room to explore new ideas and projects with the furniture design landscape as a creative scenario. The mindset is to build beautiful, contemporary and functional pieces fusing materials, shapes, processes and every other different approaches. All of our products are built in-house or rely on local production facilities and artisans, resulting in pieces born out of a mix of manual and high-tech processes.

This is also an exploratory basis to try out solutions to be used in the future for our customers' projects and an open field for collaborative projects with other designers and creators.

The Purista stool came out of an exploratory project focused on cork applied to home interiors objects, where this Portuguese very own material should be enlightened by adding different materials. Whilst a natural and responsible materials from an environmental sustainability point of view, designers ended up to suggest use of aluminium resulting in a perfect coupling, achieving 100% recycling.

The chosen materials create a pleasing contrast between the warm, rough and natural cork and the cold, smooth and industrial aluminum. This combination will stand the test of time as both materials will age very gracefully, due to straight lines and a perfectly revolved cut out of a solid cork block.

Carbon fiber is a material used for high performance applications like high performance cars or aerospace engineering. It has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, which enables us to make the Aresta with such an elegant shape. 

The Aresta table is an 8 person dining table made out of Carbon Fiber. We set out to design a modern and inconspicuous lightweight dinner table that could be sculptural yet unobtrusive, creating a center-piece for the dining room that blends perfectly in any environment.

The Vista lamp is a minimal lighting piece where was intended to follow a different designing philosophy where the goal was to start with a single sheet of steel and create a complete light, keeping material waste, and components to a minimum without compromising form and style.

Steel is pleasing to the touch and makes the Vista lamp strong and durable. Its weight keeps it firmly planted on your bedside table (or wherever you choose to exhibit it). All Vista lamps are powder coated for a beautiful thick and smooth surface finish.

Open lab

Beyond the internally designed and commercially available pieces, Douro Creative Studio also works as an open design lab which collaborates with external designers and is continuously working on new concepts and designs.