Comfort and safety in urban mobility

Commuting and transportation

The collaboration of IDEIA.M with CaetanoBus on urban mobility vehicles, includes several different projects both on interior and exterior design and engineering. The main goal is always to pursuit the best travel experience for the passengers and drivers relying on comfort and safety.

To achieve the best results with the shortest time-to-market, IDEIA.M combines a team of designers, engineers and technicians, keen on sketching, advanced surface modelling, 3D scanning and prototyping technologies.

Salvador Caetano's origins date back to 1946, with the foundation of an innovative factory of bus bodies. This successful business resulted in the establishment of CaetanoBus in 2002, in partnership with Daimler-Chrysler. Nowadays, CaetanoBus is entirely owned by Salvador Caetano Group and it grabs international success and recognition building vehicles for touring service, interurban transportation and airport service.

Bus interiors must save room for passengers, luggage and sufficient space to allow people to comfortably and easily access their seats and their luggage. Yet, even with the existence of enough space, the subconscious need for a wider perspective of the exterior is also important to improve the user experience. Additionally, IDEIA.M had to include basic equipment such as television sets, a clock, storage boxes that should be placed in a way that do not obstruct driver's or passengers' vision as well as to leave enough space under the surfaces to install technical conduits for specific tubing and wiring.

Double decker

A challenge for a double decker bus demanded from IDEIA.M a fast and effective response regarding the development of two sets of parts for the front and rear of the vehicle. In this case, beyond the regular consultancy, were provided prototyping services of our laboratory.

The dashboard is a central part of the cabin. Although located near driver, it is a very visible element. It catches the attention of the passengers as a sign of modernity and credibility. Style, itself, even motivates the bus driver and the correct readability of the dashboard information increases safety. It is fair to say it improves service quality.