AVA Royale

A symbiotic approach between tradition and technology

IDEIA.M keeps a continuous research and development approach with carbon fibre composite materials, with AVA playing a very important role. The use of these materials, besides its outstanding physical properties, allows us to build more weather resistant and tuning stable instruments that feature a distinct sound, proving it to be a great alternative for the future of string-based instruments.

AVA Strings was born out of a desire to open classical stringed musical instruments to a more modern design approach in terms of shape, materials and production process.

The goal was to reach a design that would make the most out of surfacing possibilities presented by a molding production process, a continuous flowing shape that would merge the body and the neck of the instrument into a single piece, all whilst maintaining the essence and purity of the violin shape we have all come to know.

Since we wanted to create an instrument that would cater to all violinists, it was important that the design would sit nicely at home, in orchestras and concerts around the world.
 The AVA Royale is now available from the AVA Strings website.

After closely analyzing the shape and dimensions of a traditional violin, we achieved several alternatives and started work on a CAD model, wich was painstakingly made with class A modeling.


The instrument was analyzed and discussed by luthiers and professional musicians, designers and acoustical engineers, in terms of exterior look, playability and overall performance.The result is a full carbon-fiber instrument in which the lines elegantly flow from the base to the head, resulting in a beautiful, original and singular shape.


The final design was updated to reflect the feedback and the AVA Royale was born. The result is an elegant, stable, bespoke instrument that is prepared to handle the hardship of the road and professional musicianship.