Half the weight, double the sound


The AVA Guitar is the result of years of research and development in composite materials. Being the first carbon fibre instrument we fully developed in-house, the results proved the superior physical and sonic properties of the material and revealed itself to be a major source for innovation within the musical instrument landscape. The end result is the AVA One. 

Heritage under the carbon skin

A product with such a charisma is hard to redefine. So, should the formal aspect of the guitar be a new take on what an electric guitar designed today should be, or should it be closer to the classic models of the past? Even if this fusion of the concepts had appeared ambitious, that was the way we decided to go. So we retained the heritage and style of the 50’s and 60’s historical guitars and added elegance, quality, feeling and sound. Listen to believe!

"Products are continuously tested by the musical community and their feedback directly impacts the latest details and characteristics."

 (Antonio Rocha, designer and product developer)

Vibrant and tuned in every conditions

Visually, there is a fluid shape with the neck flowing from the body as one piece. The whole body was computer modelled, striving to reach the perfect balance between a classic shape and a new, bold and innovative design. The result is a single cutaway guitar extremely lightweight and tuning stable in any condition.

 The AVA One is available for sale on the AVA Guitars website.