is this?

An autonomous platform for the most different applications.

An equipment circulating with no human intervention - so, autonomous -, easy to adapt, paying attention to its surroundings, with real-time reaction to any obstacle coming over in its path and conceived to be adapted to differents applications 

This elegant and robust rolling disc has a set of fixings and connections are available at the equipment top to easy instalation of a struture and other technical elements for a complete customization, an innovative solution for batteries changing and charging to allow 24h/24h availability and with a modular architecture, thought to facilitate maintenance and remote repairing, in a simple way, drastically reducing unoperational time and the need of intervention by specialized technicians. 


“A plataform thought for autonomy and to interact with us!”. 

Easy to use

This platform is compact, easy to transport and put in operation. It was idealized to be used by any person without specialized knowledge.

Service 24/7

The challenge to assure continuously avalability and activity demanded a new concept allowing the equipment to be autonomous even in its battery changing process.

Knows the path

The platform can receive information about a building plant and the path to follow in a normal service, and, then, it will always know where it is and where to go! 

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Besides path recognition, the platform understands the involving space and identifies unpredicted obstacles, drifting away and reprocessing the path to go back to it normal path. Obstacles may be people in motion or fixed objects that come into its way.

How it


Battery is always charged! 

Since the beginning of the project, still during ideation, one issue deserving a great highlight was the contingence of allow a considerable time off because of the charging process.  

Although one solution was the human action to change batteries, reducing stoping time, soon was concluded that it should be idealized a process to reinforce the concept of an autonomous platform. So, we came up with a system using two batteries, allowing the equipment to automatically change its own battery. When the battery in use is getting uncharged, the platform goes to the dock to leave this battery (that will be automatically charging) and redeem another one,  properly charged. 

esquema de carregamento de bateriasesquema de carregamento de baterias




Advertising knows how to explore new comunication supports. An autonomous platoform captures attentions and it is a different way to advertise brands, events or products and to interact with people. 


To associate a video system and on-line conversation to the moving freedom of this platform, turns this equipment into a person's company, getting people closer even when they are far. 

Light logistics

The platform may have home or industrial applications. Light products moving and delivery in small internal pathways is one of the possibilities!


Needs feeds the creativity. This platform will be whatever your necessity or imagination wants.


The aim to offer an universal equipment, challenge the designers to fuse different environment: home, commerce, industry. For that reason, many aspects like elegance, sobriety and strength were bonded to create a product for any spot.
The equipment architecture is based in two levels (one for mechanical and the other for electronics and software components) in a modular integration, easy to assemble/disassemble.

“A customizable platform for any application!”